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Hocus Pocus

Max's House.jpg
Allison's House.jpg

Various scenes from the movie Hocus Pocus were filmed in 1993 in and around Salem and Marblehead


1. The Phillips Elementary School was the site of Max and Allison's high school. The building is no longer a school, it has been turned into apartments, but can still be viewed from Salem Common.

2. The Ropes Mansion (318 Essex St) was Allison's house.

3. Private residence, Max's house. This is an actual residence.

Please be respectful of the owners and if you find where it is,

be quick with your pictures and as quiet as you can. DO NOT GO ON THEIR STEPS PLEASE OR KNOCK ON THEIR DOOR. 

4. Salem Old Town Hall (32 Derby Square) was the site of the Halloween party Max's parents attended

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