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  1. The Howard Street Cemetery is off the beaten path a bit and has some pretty great older headstones (lots of willows and urns). Quiet area, but not accessible by driving (one lane, one way street, no parking). Remember this is a residential area, so please be respectful and keep the noise down. It is only open dawn to dusk.                    

  2.  Charter Street Cemetery/Old Burying Point on Charter Street is a small, stroller friendly cemetery close to Essex Street.  This cemetery has the Witch Trials Memorial and some well known families including:

  • Mary Corey (the wife of Giles Corey who was pressed to death during the Witch Trials),

  • the witchcraft judge John Hathorne,

  • Richard Moore (Mayflower pilgrim),

  • John Turner (Built the House of Seven Gables),

  • and other well known Salem families (Crowninshield, Bowditch, McIntire).

  • To help preserve this Cemetery, reservations are required. To reserve your time, click here  

    3.  Broad Street Cemetery located at corner of Broad Street and Winthrop               Street. This cemetery has ties to the Witch Trials because it is the final                 resting place for Judge Jonathon Corwin (Witch House) and Sheriff                     George Corwin. A white obelisk marks their grave. Again, be respectful

        and only visit between dawn and dusk.   

4.    Harmony Grove Cemetery 30 Grove Street is located away from downtown        but is a beautiful spot filled with many historical names including one

       dating back to the late 1600's. Caroline Emmerton, founder of many  

      educational programs at the House of Seven Gables, is buried here. 

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