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Halloween Shenanigans 2020 Part Deux

Hello again my Ghosties and Ghoulies!

The Governor has tightened his outdoor/indoor restrictions , but please know that all things spooky are still dead and well in Salem. As I mentioned in my last Halloween Shenanigans 2020 post, Halloween and all things leading up to Halloween are going to look a little different this year. Please check the Haunted Happenings website for updates to see if your favorite event has been cancelled or now requires a limited capacity ticket. AsI mentioned before, if you plan to visit the City, please plan to wear a mask, be kind to shop owners/workers and be advised of MA travel restrictions. Check individual shops for details for hours/shop protocols.

In our countdown to the greatest of all days, I have compiled a few more items to add to your Spooktacular To Do List:

  1. Make vampire bookmarks

  2. Create Creepy Halloween hair (spiders, bats, etc)

  3. Yankee Candle is releasing the Boney Bunch Aug 29th with a few new candle scents. Rumor has it the Boney Bunch theme will be Asylum (can you hear my heart ?!?!?!?)

  4. Make Halloween punch

  5. Watch Haunting of Hill House in anticipation of the release of season 2 which is rumored to be 10/31/2020....

  6. Watch Netflix Adam Sandler Halloween movie, Hubie (don't think it will be out until October, I will have a future blog post about this, I have set pictures from the scenes filmed in Salem, Marblehead and Danvers)

  7. Zoom Halloween trivia games or Bingo or try to play the new Hocus Pocus game

  8. Make Halloween or fall crafts (Oriental Trading and Michael's have some great inexpensive ones)

  9. "Spook" your neighbors with goody baskets and direct them to do the same

  10. Go Pumpkin picking

  11. Make S'mores

  12. Get some great fall or Halloween socks

  13. Tell Scary Ghost Stories via Zoom

  14. In my quest to find items, I stumbled across Spooky Little Halloween .I included a few items she mentions for DIY, but check her entire website out (she has recipes)!

  15. Make a smoking cauldron chandelier

  16. Make a smoking pumpkin

  17. Just found out about Pumpkin Spice Swiss Miss from Spooky Little Halloween, can't wait to try it...

I know this list may be overkill, but I wanted people to feel like Halloween doesn't have to be "cancelled". We can do things that are safe, in the spirit and we can support shop owners in Salem (even if online) while remembering what is happening around us. So for now, keep those broomsticks and cauldrons ready for use, it just may be a little different this year. As Halloween gets closer, remember to get outside and look at the leaves, just stay away from humans! Yuck. LOL. I will post some more Halloween blogs as we count down the days. For now, start thinking about what you want to do on the list to get yourselves ready. And remember, eat, drink and be scary. Always.

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