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Music + Classic Horror= Hauntingly Perfect

Above image is a snapshot of the Peabody Essex Museum website for the Kirk Hammett exhibition.

This weekend marked two events in Salem for those who appreciate the arts of various forms. First, Salem Jazz and Soul Festival returned to the Willows for its 11th season bringing various jazz, funk and soul artists to Salem....for FREE! Be sure to check back at Salem Jazz for next year's information if you swing to that type of music. Second, Kirk Hammett took over the Peabody Essex Museum in style for his "It's Alive! Classic Horror and Sci Fi Art Collection." He signed autographs for a few hours and invaded the PEM Instagram account. The program cover for the exhibition is pretty rad, with illustrator R. Kikuo Johnson taking on the task of paying homage to rock, Golden Age comics and all things horror in one magnificent image. His work is jaw dropping, channelling Bernie Wrightson's gothic images. If you don't know, Bernie Wrightson has drawn comic images for some pretty crazy horror writers, including one I am a Constant Reader of...Stephen King (personal fave of Wrightson's would be Creepshow and the fifth Dark Tower comic). I am so excited to check out this exhibit, but wanted to give you the scoop as it unfolds. I will report on the amazing classic horror movie props and cover art once we go. But for now, stay creepy.

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