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Grab a Fatty in the Alley

I was in the city Saturday night for my book release party for Entombed in Verse at the Witch House. After the party, my friends and I ventured for a walk in the McIntire Historic District taking in the beautiful historic architecture, enjoying the cool summer breeze and marveling at the nearly full moon. It occurred to me on the walk that I had heard of a new popup cookie place called Goodnight Fatty that was open Friday and Saturday nights 7-11 pm. I knew it would be an adventure to locate because I knew it was down an alley on Higginson Square. Having been a tour guide in the city, I knew of the series of alleyways off of Washington Street that connected to Higginson Square. As we made our way through the alley, we came out onto Higginson Square and to our left we could see a blue neon glow, that was it, no visible sign at this point. As we approached, there was a blinking sign in a window that said "Goodnight" next to a door that led down a hallway. It was all reminiscent of a speakeasy during Prohibition, adding to the fun. At the end of the hallway was a yellow sign that pointed to the right, and it wasn't until we got to that sign that we knew we were in the right place. The glorious smell of baking cookies hit us like a wall.

As we entered Goodnight Fatty, there were three flavors of cookie available that evening: White Chocolate Macadamia, Fudgy Chocolate Walnut, and Lemon Poppy Seed. Cookies could be purchased for $2.85 per fatty, $15 for half dozen or $28 for a dozen. In addition, you could get bottomless milk for $2 that came nice and cold in a to go cup. Each cookie was better than the last, nice and warm and gooey! Although it was a hard decision since a few of us were chocolate lovers, we ended up deciding that the Lemon Poppy Seed was our favorite. I can't stress enough that each cookie was amazing and you should just go ahead and get one of each. The flavors rotate so if you go they may not be the same, but I am telling you it is worth every penny. Check out their website Goodnight Fatty

Adding to the fun, you exit from a different door. As we walked down the alley, we saw what looked like the shadow of Nosferatu in another building. Salem, right! Whether it was intentional or not, we loved it! Thanks Goodnight Fatty, we certainly had a goodnight thanks to you.

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